Hello (yo)u!

I’m Thibaut Allender. U&Co is my company.

I got my first 28.8k modem in 1995 and my first website in 1996 but no, you don’t want to see it. You may, on the other hand, want to see what I can do for your website, now.

I could design it, create it, develop it, or just host it.
I could expand it, remake it or send its newsletters.

I'm also restoring arcade cabinets for simple amusement or to turn them into interactive kiosks.

I could do a lot of things for you and your company. Check my LinkedIn profile's skills and recommendations and just contact me!


This is a short but relevant selection of my work. Don't be afraid, roll over the images, beautiful things will happen!


You have a project, a question or you just want to say hello? Go on!

Looking for a job? Sorry, we don't have any vacant position a the moment.

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